Welcome Message from Our Acting Dean of Students, Prof. King Chow

Dear Fellow HKUST students,

Welcome to an exciting year on our beautiful campus at Clear Water Bay, where you will spend the coming year(s) pursuing your academic and personal interests.

The Office of the Dean of Students was pleased to facilitate this year’s University Orientation – the first of its kind at HKUST.  During August 25-27, all First-Year Students were invited to live in their assigned Residence Hall, meet their Residence Master and hall student leaders, and get a taste of student life on campus.  

The Schools and IPO held their orientations on the same weekend – highlighting a University-wide effort to offer a wholehearted welcome to all new HKUST members!  During that weekend, many independent interest groups and department-affiliated groups set up interactive stations around the campus where students could learn from and interact with their senior classmates.

HKUST has such a diverse student body that others would envy; post-graduates and undergraduates, local and non-local students, students of many nationalities, ethnicities, religions, different personal interests and aspirations.  What we would like to create among all HKUST students is a sense of belonging to this extended University community, where each of them would immerse themselves in a process of self-discovery, understanding, refinement and recognition of a purpose of their future work lives.   

Through the pages of CampusUp, you will meet many exceptional HKUST students, each of whom has unique talent we can learn from and interesting experience we can share with.  Please share your own stories with other students there, make friends with like-minded fellows, and develop an enjoyable and productive year ahead. Hope to see you around and let’s stay in touch.

Sincerely yours,

King L Chow
Acting Dean of Students

HKUST Summer Institute 2018

VIP Luncheon with Prof. Wei SHYY and Prof. Robert WESSLING.

Around 500 secondary high school students from over 20 countries/regions have had a taste of university studies at HKUST through the HKUST Summer Institute (SI) which aims to provide prospective undergraduate students opportunities to attend university courses & gain insights for future study. Through Orientation, Credit-bearing Courses by the Schools, various Enrichment Activities, Student Ambassador Scheme, Luncheon with the Acting President, Academic Advising Session, and on-campus Residential Experience etc., the participants have had a thorough understanding of the studies at HKUST.  At the end of each module, the participants celebrated their success by a Farewell Party filled with cheers.

Words from Participants

“I truly value these two weeks as my lifelong treasure. I look forward to encountering with UST as an undergraduate of science program next summer.”

“I wanted to thank you and the rest of the staff for your immense efforts in ensuring that I had a pleasant stay at HKUST. Your warmth and guidance throughout the summer course has helped me make this unique experience memorable.”

“I really enjoyed meeting and talking to students from all over the world!”

“I like how I could use the facilities in HKUST (e.g. library, canteen, classrooms) I really feel like part of HKUST. I really hope that one day I can become a part of HKUST”

“I liked the organization of events and orientation day. I also liked how the level of difficulty of the course content was somewhat tailored to Secondary school students, but also included some harder concepts to engage the students and make us become more interested in the topic.”

Service Abroad Opportunities in Coming Winter – Now Open for Application!

Service learning trips are intense experiences where you can learn about a place, its culture and people through hands-on community-based service projects. Not only can you make a difference in the community, you can also gain authentic cultural experiences which you can't get from a traditional classroom. 

In the coming winter, HKUST Connect has arranged for you various service learning trips to care for the underprivileged children and explore local cultures in Cambodia and Jiangxi in mainland China, or support the school rebuilding project in Nepal. Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your university life, and raise awareness of your responsibilities as a global citizen.

Students with financial need can apply for Connect Overseas Service Learning Grant to support their participation in service trips.

Act NOW and sign up to your favorite trip to serve!
Details & Application: http://connect.ust.hk/servicetrip 

WE ARE RECRUITING! - Peer Counselor Training Program

Peer Counselor Training Program aims at equipping a group of dedicated and respectful students to reach out to their peers who are in need of support, encouragement, companionship and resource information on campus.
We LOOK for

Students who are caring, friendly, positive and enthusiastic to:

  1. Equip yourself with understanding of mental health, emotional management and interpersonal skills
  2. Gain a deeper self-understanding
  3. Promote a caring culture among students on campus

Who are eligible?

  • All UG and PG Students
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Hall Tutors
APPLY NOW. Your little steps can make a BIG difference.

diversAbility – a festival for All

A number of interesting events on disability awareness will be going on at HKUST and outside the campus. Come experience and learn more!

@ Outside LT-J & K | 11am – 4pm

17/9 Physical Challenges in the Hallway

18/9 Experience having a Developmental Disabilities

19/9 Making Visual Information Accessible

20/9 Communicating in the Silence

17-21/9 Central Beyond Vision Exhibition

  • Tactile-audio art exhibition
  • Featuring a series of visual icons represent Central
Join the booth activities for THREE days to redeem a limited edition

tote bag! (available while stock lasts)

@ Room 1018, 12:30 – 2pm

17/9 Empowerment through diversAbility: Universal Design 101

@ Dialogue in the Dark, Meifoo, AM/ PM sessions

21/9 Dark Tours

More Free Zone Promotion Counters

The promotion counters at LG5 Free Zone are popularly used by student societies and groups.  More promotion counters are now available to meet students’ need, as SAO and FMO have completed the work to extend the Free Zone from LG5 to LG3, LG4 and Bridge Link. After extension, the counters have increased from 6 at LG5 originally to a total of 30 in the 4 locations. The operation hours and guidelines are available at  http://sao.ust.hk/upload/studentactivities/guideline_use_free_zone.pdf .

Students are welcome to make the best use of the extended Free Zone, which would save the hassles and inconveniences of using spaces in canteens and other campus places.

Mainland Cultural Exchange and Learning Opportunities – 2018/19

Student participated in Winter Program offered by Harbin Institute of Technology @Harbin.
Student participated in Micro-film Training Summer Camp 2018 offered by Nanjing University @Xinjiang.
Participants of Summer Program 2018 offered by Xian Jiao Tong University @Xian.

Each year, HKUST students are nominated to participate in cultural programs made possible by our partner universities in the Mainland, all short-term trips to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Harbin, Lanzhou, etc. during winter and summer breaks. These programs are subsidized by the Ministry of Education of PRC and the Education Bureau, aiming at broadening local students’ horizons, enhancing their understanding of China’s social and economic advancement, encouraging cultural exchange. In 2017/18, a total of 430 students participated in 40+ different programs offered. Please stay tuned to our promotional emails for the most updated information.

Meanwhile, for those international students with non-Chinese background who wish to know more about the recent development of the Grater Bay Area in the Pearl River Delta area, please do not miss out our “Exploring China - Greater Bay Area Trip” organized in the coming March 2019. The trip, conducted in English, will provide a platform for both non-local and local students to get to know one another, encouraging integration within the HKUST Community.

For more information, please visit our website here.

Highlights of the Grater Bay Area Trip for HKUST students @Guangdong.
Highlights of the Grater Bay Area Trip for HKUST students @Guangdong.
Highlights of the Grater Bay Area Trip for HKUST students @Guangdong.

HKUST Student Union (SU) Welcome Fair

The SU-affiliated student societies greeted new JUPAS students coming to the campus on August 8 and 9 with a Welcome Fair. They organized performances and booths to give the new students a warm welcome and invitation to orientation camps.

Special thanks to the SU OAC Monitoring Team for overseeing the Welcome Fair, and to the student societies for their enthusiastic efforts!

President’s Cup 2019 - Call for Application in mid-September

The HKUST President’s Cup is an annual campus wide competition that invites undergraduate students to embark on a tenacious pursuit of excellence in research and innovation. Inaugurated in 2002, the competition provides students with a unique learning experience where creativity is encouraged, interest and expertise in research is cultivated, and students' attainment of excellence and innovation is recognized. The competition is open to undergraduate students of all years and all disciplines. Students are welcome to join individually or as teams.

President’s Cup 2018 Awardees’ Message to Future Participants

“To everyone who is planning to join the President’s Cup, our advice would be: just do it. You will never know what you will learn throughout the journey. But one thing for sure: it will be fruitful and useful for whatever you are planning to do in your life after graduating from the university.”

“President’s cup is a great starting point to promote your idea and technology. You will have the chance to discuss your project with people from different backgrounds. If you have a great idea and project, come and join the President’s Cup!”

HKUST Winning Two Awards in the 2018 Hong Kong Student Survey

HKUST has won two awards in the 2018 Hong Kong Student Survey conducted by Universum, a global leader in employer branding.  Out of the 4,004 student respondents from local universities, 396 came from HKUST.

#1 Best Employability Rating Award

How do students rate their own employability? 

HKUST students' self-rating on their employability is the highest among local universities!

#1 Best Career Services Satisfaction Award - 6th year in a row!

How do students rate career services provided by the university? 

HKUST students are the most satisfied!