Fact and figures

In the past three years, HeadStart@HKUST has successfully established partnership with more than 50 local, mainland and international companies.

121 program fellows received HK-based internship positions.

32 fellows took up mainland and overseas internship opportunities in Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, London and the Silicon Valley.

HeadStart@HKUST Program

Education in the 21st-century is no longer about imparting knowledge through classroom teaching only. Equipping students with an understanding of the real world and developing their capacity to maneuver through the various complexities at work and challenges in life are equally vital.

The HeadStart@HKUST Program aims to do exactly that – to oer our first- and second-year undergraduate students a “head start” experience in this increasingly global, competitive, and dynamic society. Founded in winter of 2015 by two HKUST Council Members, the program provides a comprehensive scheme of early workplace immersion and career development. We believe that early immersion into the business world creates instrumental value to students’ future career prospects; to nurture exceptional visions and transformative powers for our next generation leaders, this is an endeavor that needs to start early and start now!

Besides offering internship placements for the program fellows, we organize a wide array of activities to enrich fellows’ experience and expand their worldview – marketplace training workshops, company visits, “Meet the Executive” talks and networking events, and executive coaching with top industry leaders. Fun fellowship activities are also held to nurture a supportive community amongst the fellows.

Shared among the program founders and Executive Committee members is the commitment to oer the current generation of youngsters a dierent outlook on their future. The program hopes to convey one fundamental message to its fellows – with hard work and conviction, they may follow their heart and passion and develop the means and capacity to become instrumental leaders of the future.

Visit headstart.ust.hk to learn more about the program.