Mental Health Matters

Our sincere gratitude to all students and staff for their support in the “Mental Health Matters”!   It was a new initiative of the Counseling and Wellness Center to raise university awareness of mental health and mobilize efforts in support of better student well-being.   About 1,400 students and staff took part in the events to support building a caring campus and promoting psychological health while pursuing academic excellence!

A Kick-off Ceremony was held on 10 October, which is the annual Mental Health Day observed by the World Health Organization.  We were honoured to have Prof Paul Yip, Director of Hong Kong Jockey Club Center for Suicide Research and Prevention, HKU to share with our staff and students on a Public Health Approach for Preventing Student Suicides, Prof CY Chiu, Dean of Social Science, CUHK to share with us how Positive Education can motivate students to excel while remain happy and passionate on learning, and Prof Arthur Mak, Assistant Professor of Department of Psychiatry, CUHK to share with us his Clinical Experience in Caring for Young People with Mental Health Issues.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to Miss Winnie Lui and Mr Stephen Char for their sharing on Crisis Management and Psychological First Aid, and Mental Well-being in Facing Life Adversity during the event.  Their inspiring in-depth experience impressed our students and staff a lot.

Meanwhile, we had also arranged some fun and caring activities to spread the “Mental Health Matters” messages on campus.  Here are some highlights:

From Right to Left: Dr Tony Lam (Associate Dean of Students), Prof CY Chiu (Dean of Social Science, CUHK), Prof King Chow (Acting Dean of Students), Prof Paul Yip (Director of HKJC Center for Suicide Research and Prevention, HKU), Prof Arthur Mak (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, CUHK), Miss Silver Chan (Associate Director, Counseling and Wellness), Miss Hiu Ying Tse (Student Representative)

Moving Wellness - A truck about Emotional Awareness, collaborated with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group (HKFYG)

Students can learn about and acknowledge their emotion through a variety of games on this Moving Wellness. There were cards where they can write wishes and encouragements, letter they can write and send to a tree hole, with follow-up by social worker from HKFYG, and aroma cards to de-stress.

Dustykid - Hug My Heart Exhibition

Heartwarming messages with illustration of the character Dustykid attracted many students and staff to stop by when they commuted outside LT-A and tasted the compassionate wisdom of love, connection, vulnerability, acceptance and humanity. A library of Dustykid series of books was set for free reading.

Exhibition and Assessment Booth - Emotional Awareness and Healthy Lifestyles

Besides psycho-education about the benefits and functions of our emotions, and healthy ways to maintain mental well-being in our daily life, students were invited to do the Mood and Stress Assessment and the Questionnaire on Public Attitudes Towards Mental Illness.  Students taking the Mood and Stress Assessment were informed of the results immediately and followed by an email notification, with online self-help resources on website of the Counseling and Wellness Center and information on making a confidential counseling appointment.  Student Counselors also chatted with students at the booth and encouraged them to make a counseling appointment if they have any personal concerns.

Roadshow on Emotional Health - Knowing Your Feelings, in collaboration with Suicide Prevention Services

It was held to promote emotional health within the student community by raising their awareness of bodily signs and sensations on various feelings, and facilitating students to give encouragement to peers who show such vulnerable signs and may be in need of emotional support during mid-term period.  They left warm messages such as, “You’re doing great!”, “Don’t worry.”, “I’m possible.”, “I got your back.”, “You’re not alone!”.

Exhibition about Public Attitudes towards Mental Illness

With a total of 102 respondents, less than 2% thought that counseling is only for the people who are suffering from severe mental issues.  Over 90% expressed that they would suggest their family member to see a counselor if their member is depressed.  Over 85% shared that they would help a new colleague who had been mentally ill to adapt to the new environment.

Anti Stigma Busking Performance and Lived Experience Sharing by People with Mental Illness, collaborated with Yung Fung Shee Psychiatric Day Hospital

Two speakers who suffered from Bipolar Disorder, with background of chronic suffering from eczema and bullying in school, and high stress from family and work respectively, shared with us how they discovered they got sick and how they recovered with medication, counseling and support from family and friends.  With such, they resume leading a normal life with more adaptive ways to deal with stress.  The sharing of their experience was unique and touching.  It was also great to understand that people suffering from mental disorders are able to recover well with adequate support.
Participants of Mental Health Matters are given a Mental Health Toolkit, which includes self-help resources to alleviate short term stress and emotional tension.  They are mindful stretching, relaxation and meditation tips, acupressure for improving insomnia, headache, poor concentration, and stomachache, a mini booklet about how to calm down our emotions (published by Venerable Chang Lin and Dustykid), and motivating stickers with encouraging words, provided by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group.

Promoting Student Mental Health: A State of Well-being

Mental health is a crucial element for a fruitful university journey.  At the beginning of this academic year, we have launched a Guide “Promoting Student Mental Health: A State of Well-being”, with the ultimate goal to draw collaborative effort from the university community in supporting students.  We have also prepared a few videos to get the messages across from different perspectives.

Let’s hear what our President shared.

(Click on the images below to view the video!)

Peer support is impactful.  We can look out for each other.

We have ups and downs.  Talking is the first step to manage them.
Please talk to us.  We can be your companions during your university journey. 

Join the President-to-President Dialogue – HKUST x ICRC on 22 November 2018

Technology bridges gaps and connects us, and has changed our lives for the better. While the younger generation is reaping the benefits of modern technology, have they imagined what life would look like to live in war-torn areas and conflict zones where technologies could be turned into weapons that kill innocent people? How can we ensure that technology is used for good and creates a better future for humanitarian aid?

Join the President-to-President Dialogue: HKUST x ICRC on 22 November to find out how advanced technology can enhance humanitarian work to benefit victims of armed conflicts around the world, and what Asian youths can do to contribute to humanitarian relief efforts while living far away from devastated war zones.

Some ICRC objects with technology component ranging from survival gears for refugees to VR training tools for ICRC delegates will also be on view at Engineering Commons to showcase how ICRC uses technology in harsh humanitarian contexts.

Details & Registration:

2018-19 HKUST Intramural Campus Run on 26 September 2018

The 2018-19 HKUST Intramural Campus Run was co-organized by Sports Association and Distance Runners' Club, HKUSTSU on 26 Sept 2018.  This annual event is one of the six intramural competitions on our campus.  Dr Tony LAM, Associate Dean of Students and Head of Scholarships and Finanical Aids Office officiated the run for 171 runners who representing 16 Departmental Teams to compete in Men's and Women's Categories.

Below are the results

Category Prize Result
Overall Champion CIVL

 1st Runner-up ECE

 2nd Runner-up BIOL
Women’s Individual Champion LAEGRAN, Johanne  (CIVL): 09:03.67

 1st runner up MAK, Ho Yi Lydia (MATH):  10:01.75

 2nd runner up SZE-TO, Hiu Tung  (CSE) : 10:34.47
Men’s Individual Champion TSANG, Ho Ching  (MATH): 12:12.39

 1st runner up CHAN, Ngai Nam (CIVL): 12:59.19

 2nd runner up OR, Ka Ming (CPEG): 13:20.89

2018-19 HKUST Sports Team Flag Presentation Ceremony on 19 October 2018

The 2018-19 HKUST Sports Team Flag Presentation Ceremony co-organized by Sports Association, HKUSTSU and the Sports Development of SAO was taken place at the atrium on 19 October 2018.  This is the annual ceremony for kicking off the new inter-varsity sports competition season of HKUST Sports Teams.

Under the witness of Prof. King Chow, Director of IPO and Acting Dean of Students, Dr. Tony Lam, Associate Dean of Students & Head of Scholarships and Financial Aid as well as over 180 HKUST student athletes from 54 sports teams, Miss Cathy CHAN, Captain of Women's Rugby Team took the athlete pledge at the ceremony.

Receiving the blessings from our guests and the University, hope all the HKUST Sports Teams would have a fruitful and successful competition season.