Student Initiated Project to Promote a More Caring Community

Wun Kwan YAM (PHYS Year 2), Yatin GUPTA (SBM Year 2) Daniel CHUNG (SBM Year 2), Angel Dianne Kirsty TOMAS (SBM Year 2), and Kshitij VERMA (CSE UG Year 3)

A caring group of UG students was awarded as one of the ten groups for the WeCare Fund 2017 for Student-Initiated Youth Suicide Prevention Projects from the HKU Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention.  With the support and guidance from the Counseling and Wellness Center, their project 'Other Ways Out' aims at promoting mental health awareness, facilitating peer-helping and mutual support among students, and providing gate-keeping for suicide prevention.  They will launch their project with four initiatives in this Fall Term: Mental Health and Helping Skills Training, "Talk in the Dark" helping sessions, Chat App for students to reach out for emotional support, and social media promotion.

SU Welfare Fair for New Students

The Students’ Union and affiliated student societies organized a new initiative of Welcome Fair for new students from 9 to 10 August. Alongside with 60 O’camp booths, lively performances and workshops were presented by 17 student societies at various campus locations. It was an interesting first encounter with campus life for many new students!

iNet Corner

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Video on “What is in iNet for Me?”

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Appointment of the Associate Dean of Students, Dr. Tony LAM

Dr. Tony LAM has been appointed as the Associate Dean of Students. He will serve concurrently as the Head of the University’s Scholarships and Financial Aid Office, a position he has held since 2008.

Dr. Lam has been employed in various capacities at HKUST since its founding in 1991, having achieved a distinguished record as a pioneer in educational technology and student affairs on our campus.  He has undertaken important campus leadership roles, serving as the elected Staff Member of the University Council and the Vice Chairman (Internal Affairs) of the HKUST Staff Association. Dr. Lam earned a doctorate degree in Enterprise Management from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2014.

Bounce Back!

“Bounce Back - gain your emotional resilience!” is hosted by the Counseling and Wellness Center in Fall Term. It aims at enhancing the levels of resilience among our student community through a series of experiential workshops, exhibition, assessment booth, and adventure camp. In addition, some tips on REBOUNCE are listed out in “Road to Resilience” leaflet to explain how we can increase our resilience level. Check it out to get inspired and to enhance your emotional resilience!

360-Degree Virtual Hall Tour Now Available!

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