During the past 3 years, 150+ student activity projects secured funding from the Student Enrichment Activities (SEA) Fund.

Distribution of Activity Nature for Projects Receiving SEA Fund in the Past 3 Years

The purpose of the Student Enrichment Activities Fund (SEA Fund) is to support student groups or individuals to organize or participate, on a voluntary basis, in activities or projects that disseminate at least one of the following learning outcomes:

a.    promote campus community-building, multicultural awareness, intercultural effectiveness or civic responsibilities
b.    engage students in a process of holistic development that connects their body, mind and spirit, or enriches their global outlook
c.    enhance students' development through participation in a competition, program or performance, which at the same time cultivates a vibrant and caring learning community on campus

For application guidelines and other info related to SEA Fund, please visit https://sao.ust.hk/studentlife/SEAF.html