Sun Cheng

(Physics, UG, Class 2017 Graduate)
Former President of Photographic Society, HKUSTSU
Organizer of “42 Photography Exhibition” in Spring 2017

Being major in physics, some may think I am an atypical physics student with my passion in being a photographer. Why? Photography is considered as something humanistic and aesthetic, and these attributes would hardly be labelled on a physics student.

I often believe that our academic studies should never be our limitation. My eagerness and curiosity to explore the truth of the universe via physics are equaled by my passion and fascination in photography. By taking photos through the lens, I find a way to explore the world and express myself. A photograph also documented the photographer’s attitude and philosophy towards life, and provided viewer a chance to appreciate the beauty of the world while thinking about the meaning of life.

Ever since I started photography, my skills improved along with practice and experience. Ideas and thoughts would come and develop naturally in my mind. The commitment as the president of the photographic society provided myself more learning opportunities, and a chance to contribute for the world of photography. Along the time, I met with schoolmates from different departments in UST who also love photography and I was able to assemble a team to hold an exhibition together. The 42 Photography Exhibition not only promoted art and culture in UST, but also encouraged fellow student photographers to develop their talents. Their backgrounds and the personal stories bring out diversified styles of work among them.

Holding an exhibition was not easy and our team spent three entire nights to install specially designed lighting, our photos and other props for setting up the venue. We were fortunate to have received funding support through the Student Enrichment Activities (SEA) Fund, and also advices from various units of the Student Affairs Office on venue booking, promotion and so forth. These supports from the University really helped us a lot in making the exhibition a successful one.

I felt that 4 years’ time in UST was too short for me as there are more works to be done for promoting photography here, and I wish you can be the one that carry on with the mission.