Assistive Technology
Special Education Needs

Assistive technology creates a betterment for students with special educational needs (SEN), capacitating them do tasks they normally cannot do, enabling them to complete tasks better, and helping them to access information like anybody else.

To cite a few examples : a student with visual impairment uses the screen reader feature of an enlarger to listen to course readings, while another with dyslexia uses a text-to-speech application, and a student with limited hand-eye cognizance types with a large print keyboard to complete an assignment.

At HKUST, you can find some of these assistive technology on the main and LSK campuses. The SEN stations are equipped with electrical height adjustable tables, screen magnifiers and computer software with optical character recognition (OCR), speech and large print keyboard, scanners and headsets for OCR. These SEN stations are located at:

  • Computer Barn B
  • LG1 Library (near Media Center)
  • 1/F, LSK Building (outside Room 1003)

To find out more about the DiversAbility Team and services available to support students with SEN, please check this website, which is compatible with screen readers and is gold accredited by the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2016, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer.

HKUST Sports Teams Perform Well in the 21st Jackie CHAN Challenge Cup

The 21st Jackie CHAN Challenge Cup Hong Kong Universities Ball Games Tournament was held by the Lingnan University (LU) successfully from 7 Oct to 29 Oct 2017 at Jackie Chan Gymnasium in LU. More than 90 HKUST student athletes from 6 teams of 3 sports (Basketball, Volleyball and Table-tennis) participated in this competition.

HKUST student athletes have just formed their teams and started their preparation for the competitions since Sept 2017. Finally, we brought four trophies home with details as follow:


Women’s Basketball
Men’s Volleyball
Men’s Table-tennis
Women’s Table-tennis

2nd runner-up
2nd runner-up
2nd runner-up
2nd runner-up

They have strengthened their team spirit as well as gained unforgettable experience during the competitions. Without the dedicated training, our teams could not achieve these satisfactory results. Our athletes will keep up their hard work and strive for better performance in the coming USFHK competitions.

TEDxHKUST 2017 Event “Elusive Creativity” - 11 November 2017

TEDxHKUST was back with its 2017 event “Elusive Creativity”, held on the 11 November 2017 in LT-B, which showcased an exceptional lineup of leaders from the worlds of business, arts, entertainment and sport.

“A massive thank you to all our speakers, supporters, volunteers, production team, HKUST and especially Mr. Donny Siu (Associate Director for Student Life, Student Affairs Office)!” said Maneka Mishra, leader of students organizing team for “Elusive Creativity”.

“Kick-starting its first ever event back in 2012, we have absolutely been grateful and empowered to continue to revolutionize HKUST’s headlining public event,” Maneka continued, “and really tapping into that entrepreneurial and unorthodox mindsets in all of us.”

TEDxHKUST2017 aimed to encourage individuals across all ages to recognize that they have a creative mindset and discover how they can execute their ideas. Stepping out of comfort zone and continuing to be productive post success are all elements in capturing elusive creativity even when your hair turns grey.

“To be human is to be creative”, Maneka concluded. “We do hope that every single attendee received a kick-in-the-pants to unlock their inner elusive creative genius and wish everyone the best in their journeys!”

Peer Counselor Caring Projects

A showcase of 7 Caring Projects hosted by our dedicated Peer Counselors had been shared with the student community.  Counseling and Wellness Center thanks every Peer Counselors for their devotion and commitment in connecting HKUST students, building a warm, supportive and caring campus with us. BRAVO!!! Please stay tuned with our latest activities by following our Facebook page “HKUST Peer Counselor”.

HOPE: Hold On Put Efforts! 

To support our students throughout their final examination period, the Counseling and Wellness Center will host the “Hold On Put Efforts” like previous terms. You can join us for fun games with your reward guaranteed, or to refresh your mind with Dr. Dogs.  You can also relax yourself by enjoying the banana tattoo and taste. We will also prepare desserts and fruits for you to get recharged. Come over to our Center and booth to get recharged!

Talk on “Islamic Awarness: Student’s role in the modern era” – 25 October 2017

Muslim Students’ Group organized a talk on “Islamic Awarness: Student’s role in the modern era” on 25 October 2017. The talk was given by 3 honorable speakers, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Naqwi (from Kuwait), brother Salahuddin Patel (from England), and brother Mahdi Ebrahimi (from Hong Kong).  The talk focused on the concept of Dawah and the student’s responsibility as a Muslim, in the community. The speakers are highly experienced Da’ees (people who do Dawah), who shared their experiences and knowledge on how to be a good Muslim role model in our society.  

In a time where Islam is greatly misunderstood, this talk gave a new perspective on Islam and Muslims. Dawah in Arabic literally translates as “To Invite”, it is an enjoined responsibility on each and every Muslim, to encourage Muslims to be well-mannered and to be empathetic to the needs of the people around us – as this was the trait of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Dawah is an intricate form of communication that aims to open people’s eyes to reason with our purpose of existence and to take up responsibility in making the world a better place.

Islam is a way of life, as it guides and directs Muslims to the best form of livelihood – from eating healthy and clean food to earning clean money. It encourages people to keep kinship and a loving relationship between people, to promote unity and strength. Muslim is an identity that means to submit to the will of god and to fulfill our obligations and rights that others have upon us. An essential part of Dawah is the right Muslims have on other people (both Muslim and non-Muslim), to help rectify their mistakes in order to protect them from harm.

The talk was filled with inspirational words, to remind us - that to take ourselves also means that we also need to fulfill our spiritual needs and to help others by being the best version of ourselves as Muslims. The talk was the first of its kind to be organized by MSG and it was met with great enthusiasm and turnout from the participants, much to MSG’s delight. We hope more people could join us in the future, and learn more about Muslims, our faith and our way of life.

HKUST Alumni Named as Schwarzman Scholars

Three HKUST alumni have been recently awarded the prestigious Schwarzman Scholars, an international scholarship program based in Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University of Beijing. They are Yue WU (Quantitative Finance), Sathish  RAGHURAMAN (Computer Science) and Bor Hung CHONG (Computer Engineering and Business Management).

Schwarzman Scholars announced that in its newest Class of 2019, “142 Scholars were selected from over 4,000 applicants...through a rigorous application process designed to evaluate proven intellectual and academic ability, as well as leadership potential and strength of character.”

We are fortunately to get in touch with one of the awardee, Bor Hung, for his thought on winning the world-renowned scholarship, “I’m really honored and excited to be joining the Schwarzman Scholars program next year.The application process was long, but it was also a journey where I reflected on my life and thought deeply about what I wanted for myself. The program will give me an opportunity to further my theoretical knowledge while gaining a deeper understanding of China and most importantly, making friends.”

Congratulation to our alumni for the remarkable achievement! To learn more about the experience of Schwarzman Scholars, please see a short video here.